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Our services:

specialists in WINDOW cleaning (domestic & commercial)

offering the latest and safest technology. primarily using the water fed pole systems allows us to reach heights of 50+ ft whilst keeping our feet on the ground. it also allows us to clean frames and doors as well as your windows.


if your interested in how the pure water system works click here 

also we offer gutter cleaning

realising most can't access their gutters and the problems that can start from blocked/full gutters we will clean and ensure all downpipes etc are clear for the free flow of water. 

Cleaning/restoration of UPVC: (fascias, gutters, conservatories etc)


are you meant to have white gutters and fascias but don't? we clean them back to their sparkling best to add that extra shine to your property

and for those that have been damaged/discoloured by the weather etc we also offer a restoration solution that can revive them back to their best 

solar panels

to ensure you are getting the best efficiency from your solar panels, it is best to get them cleaned


like everything they can collect a layer of dust/dirt that reduces their performance and ultimately your investment 

don't see what you're looking for?

we often get individual requests that we are able to help with such as removal of moss from roofs etc so please contact us if have any queries

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