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Making a payment explained:

the first thing you should know is the collection service being used is 

it is used & trusted by companies such as virgin, trip advisor and even HM Government (so you're in great hands)


registering for payment


All we need you to do is register just the once by clicking the link below (takes 1 minute if you have details to hand)

it says agreeing to direct debit, we just want to confirm with you that this isn't a contract. All this allows us to do is request money from your bank (Not demand).

you get at least 3 days notice before any payment can be accepted

This can be used for one off payments and regular monthly/bi monthly payments

All payments are protected by the direct debit guarantee 

If you'd like More information on this, please click here


register for payment

How does it Work?

  • click the links provided which to input your details (via - safe and encrypted site just like any other payment processor eg PayPal/sage etc)

  • Once registered you should receive an email confirming the direct debit (you should receive this within 24hrs so please check your junk folder if you don't (picture 1)

  • Once we have been and completed the work you will receive another email confirming the price of the work and what date the payment will be requested (Picture 2)



pic 1

pic 2


  • helps keep your prices down by reducing time and resources (fuel etc) having to try and catch you when at home, which is less and less these days for most people

  • saves you getting interrupted when you've just sat down to eat your tea or putting the children to bed

  • more and more people don't use cash now

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